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Managing, enjoying, preserving and transferring wealth is challenging whether you have $1 million, $10 million, $100 million, or more. Our experienced trust and wealth management professionals help individuals and families handle this challenge by providing them objective advice and personalized trust, investment agency, custody and escrow services.
Our Open-Architecture Approach to Tailored, Risk-Sensitive, Multi-Strategy Investment Management

Working with owners or beneficiaries of wealth, we develop an understanding of their investment objectives and maintain an investment plan that is tailored to their needs for income and growth, mindful of their tolerance for performance volatility (“risk”). We implement each investment plan utilizing separate account managers,actively managed or index mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and other investment strategies. Our “open architecture” approach aligns our interests with those of our clients as we seek the best combination of these strategies to achieve the right balance of expected return, risk, tax sensitivity and cost. We perform due diligence on and monitor the performance of many investment managers, funds and strategies.

Investment Agency Services

We serve as investment agent for clients who want us to implement their investment plan, much as if we were serving as trustee. We work closely with these clients to make sure their accounts are managed according to their desires, except to the extent they direct otherwise. Custody, reporting and performance measurement services for all agency account assets are provided and bill payment services also are available. Custody, Escrow and Tax-Deferred Exchange Services

Custody services are available as a separate service for individual, trust, partnership, LLC, IRA and other types of accounts for which we are not serving as trustee or investment agent. We provide escrow services for business-related transactions and litigation-related settlements, and we serve as escrow agent in tax-deferred real estate transactions. Our custody and escrow services include the safekeeping of assets, the prompt collection and reinvestment of cash at attractive rates, the daily reconciliation of transactions, on-line account access, paper or electronic monthly or quarterly reporting, and an annual report with a summary of tax information. The account owner directs all investment activity in these accounts and works directly with a wealth management professional.

Personal Trust Services

As trustee or co-trustee, we work closely with grantors and beneficiaries of trusts, as well as their other advisors. We use our open-architecture approach, except to the extent a trust agreement provides otherwise, and our services can include objective advice on other financial matters affecting trust assets. Custody, reporting and performance measurement services for all trust assets are provided and bill payment services also are available.