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Tailored Money when you need it.

We believe that credit is a key component to any sophisticated investment plan. So in developing a financial plan to meet your financial circumstances and objectives.

If you are looking for liquidity to help leverage existing assets, or credit facilities (possibility for an overdraft under special conditions, i.e. risk-less trading transaction) to create additional wealth, our flexible credit services can provide you with opportunities to maximize your returns.

Identifying the right credit strategy

Whether your best option is a multi-currency loan with flexible repayment options or a fixed-rate mortgage for an investment property, we help you identify the credit strategy best suited to meet your specific needs. Taking into consideration a variety of factors surrounding your circumstances, from currency issues and jurisdiction to taxation and risk.

Each credit arrangement is developed on an individual basis and our credit team can offer you a wide range of collateral options.

Examples include:
- Deposits
- Securities and Band Portfolios
- Commodities and Derivatives
- Real Estate
- Bank Guarantees
- Life Insurance and Pensions

We work with you to identify the best credit arrangement to meet your requirements, from straightforward lines to complex financial transactions. Examples of our array of flexible credit services include:
- Individual credit lines and loans in many currencies
- Credit facilities for foreign exchange, commodities or precious metals trading
- Letters of credit and credit guarantees

From the Lawfirm Simmons & Simmons